Ascension Magazine
December 1999 - Nightmares For The Banished

"As with their Red Silk Vow CD, Seraphim Shock has, once again, translated evil satanic visions into magnificient music ...Nightmares For The Banished EP [is] enough to illustrate everyone greater gothic/death rock/industrial talent than is heard coming from most of the more well known bands...Someone from the major labels better wake up to these Colorado boys! get their CD's as soon as possible, Seraphim Shock is worth whatever you have to pay!"

-Alex Daniele

Carpe Noctem
Issue 14 - 1998

"Dark music, bright future." - Brian Hodge

CiRCUS Magazine

October 1998 Issue - DEMO LISTEN Page 62

"Seraphim Shock is the most shocking thing to come out of Denver since a Super Bowl Victory!

Cthulu Sex

Issue 19 volume 1 - Long Black Veil @ Mother's 10/14/99

"...their stage show has progressed from a few flashing lights to an audience-grabbing, mind ripping festival of mystical mayhem...It is a beautiful spectacle. This is a wonderfully talented dark band. Pick them up."

Empyre Magazine
August 1998 - Oedelem, Belgium - 2nd Issue

"Seraphim Shock's debut album, Red Silk Vow, ...(is) still pretty unavailable here in Belgium, which is a bloody shame, cause Red Silk Vow is one of the best and most innovative albums I have ever listened to..."

- Giovanni, Banquart Scythe Organization

GO-GO Entertainment Magazine
July 2000 - Volume 2, Issue 15

"...a show that exceeds what any other band has ever done... Seraphim Shock makes Marylin Manson look like a pussy... the ultimate halloween band..."

- Valerie va de Flier

Interface Magazine

April 1998 Issue

"...this Denver outfit...outclass[es], outperform[s] and generally outdo[es] 90% of the crossover acts we've heard with established label deals...those amenable to the night child mentality would be hard pressed to find any other contemporary bands capable of pulling off the image as cleanly and thoroughly as Seraphim Shock."

- Rik Millhouse, Editing Manager

Legends Magazine

Summer 2000 - Nightmares For The Banished

"Seraphim Shock have shown that they can grow stronger, tighter, and churn out even heavier barrages of sound - all without losing the strict arrangement that has launched them up the the gothic rock charts. ...the Shock have shown that wit can indeed be as black as night. To quote Anthony Burgess' character of Little Alex (A Clockwork Orange), 'Truly a horror show indeed' "

The Lullaby Pit
Nightmares for the Banished

"Denver Goth/Metal from Hell...for rock & roll theatre in the tradition of Alice Cooper they simply cannot be beaten."
Reviews,Opinions and Views - May 2000

"...there is no beating a live performance of Seraphim Shock must admit that the stage presence that Seraphim Shock command[s] is phenomenal. Charles Edward must have taken some sort of class on how to make plays work because this act , from start to finish, is so professional and tight on stage...they deserve...success."

- SinistarX


May 27, 1999

"...Seraphim Shock really [is] quite a breath of fresh air...They're dark, depressing, politically incorrect, and...sound scary as hell."

- Brad Turner, MTV local stringer

Nocturnal Movements

October 15, 1999 - Nightmares for the Banished

"Seraphim Shock, rises from a shallow grave and it is exquisite!...Nightmares For The Banished is nothing short of a masterpiece...Open your eyes as absolute perfection carries us into the next millenium!"

- Jett Black

Nod Ezine
July 1998 Issue - Seraphim Shock concert with Switchblade Symphony

"I don't think we are seeing just another local band with a little talent here, I think we are seeing the birth of something really big. Keep an eye on these guys!"

- jsun

Outburn Magazine

OUTBURN#7, 1998 - 4th quarter 1998 Issue - Page 68

"Seraphim Shock represents the prototype concept evoked by the words and---here's the dreamy part---they do it very well...Red Silk Vow...strikes a perfect balance between fantastic death rock drama and dignified death rock musicianship."

- Lara Haynes - September, 1999
Nightmares for the Banished

"This is by far the best gothic/death metal CD I have ever heard."

- reviewed by Admortem

StealthGoth Pan
April 1999 - Red Silk Vow

"...Seraphim Shock provides a strongly controlled score that still manages to kick your ass and hand it back...this is one of the best CD's I've been lucky enough to months...maybe years."

- Marcus Pan

Underground Zine Scene

Issue 10: July 1998 - Red Silk Vow

"Rating: 10: Brilliant record...I would recommend getting this before the band is grabbed by a bigger label and this indie release is out of print."

- John Ridge

Westword Newspaper
"Hit Pick" - May 1998

"Seraphim Shock, the creation of Charles Edward, a man for whom black lipstick has never gone out of style. Even when trends such as punk and ska where at their respective heights, he continued to offer up his devotions to the gods of metal, industrial and goth...Red Silk Vow preaches to the choir with passion and skill. Clearly, Edward plans to stay the course whether it's considered chic to do so or not. As a century of cynicism nears it's end, such dedication is as rare as it is worthy of praise."

- Michael Roberts