09.29.12 HOLLYWOOD, CA @ Bar Sinister
08.31.12 DENVER, CO @ Gothic Theatre
07.27.12 LAS VEGAS, NV @ The Rio

06.10.11 DENVER, CO @ Gothic Theatre
07.09.11 HOLLYWOOD, CA @ Bar Sinister

Additional dates coming soon...
Westword 8.26.10
...it's clear that Edwards has taken a real step forward as a songwriter with this long-awaited album.
The fourth album [Black Heart Revival] blends the best attributes from gothic rock, metal, punk and electro/industrial genres, from Type O Negative, Misfits ("Goddamn Sinner"), The Nefilim ("Torn") and Ministry to form an excellent mix.
Iso Tank
Putting the rock back in goth. A perfect blend of metal and goth rock with a liberal dose of Las Vegas Satanism thrown in for good measure.
Metal Coven
Charles' voice still sounds as good as ever. His singing voice is still haunting, chilling and romantic all at the same time. His screaming voice is still powerful enough to scare even the gothiest of goths. "Halloween Sex N Vegas" sounds nothing like previous albums but still holds the classic SS style. This is definitely a good direction to take the band and I recommend it to anyone in the gothic/industrial genre.
Wild Cauldron
Why haven't I heard of them sooner!!! While we typically focus on the tri-state area, now and then something comes along from the outside that just needs to be brought to the public's attention. Just take a look at these delicious morsels of evil. Rating 9.9
Ghost Droppings
...haunting heavy tunes that are catchy as hell...if you can catch a performance I'd highly reccomend it...a great show.
Project Darkwave
Seraphim Shock are without a doubt one of the most important US goth acts besides London After Midnight.
Seraphim Shock's reign of terror reaches new heights...what needed to happen was "Halloween Sex N Vegas"...the sound of a band stepping out of the shadows and into the sleaze...the songs fall somewhere between the Sisters macarbe hard rock and the Misfits mismash of camp, punk and horror-flick chic.
Kaffeine Buzz
...setting new ground for sex, guns, and rock n roll. This is heavy blowing stuff, and not for the faint of heart. Great ammunition if you want to piss off your neighbors, or seduce a very feisty female or male.
All Need Is Music
Nothing quite prepares you for the charmingly nefarious stage presence of Charles Edward and I don't know of another band doing rock music with Seraphim shock's flair for rock n roll theatre. The entire album is a larger-than life, lurid homage to the seedier side of human existence.
Envy Magazine Houston
Seraphim Shock has the stage presence down...Want to relive some Halloween fun in the bedroom tonight? Cue up track 11 - "Sex Toy". What's that you say? You like Halloween, Sex and Las Vegas? This is the band for you.
Gothic Orlando
After the long wait for this album and listening, it was worth the wait. It's refreshing to hear music like this with someone who can sing. 13 tracks and 43 minutes later, it's a hard CD to put down.
Music Extreme.com
It is remarkable the sound that has been achieved on this recording making things even heavier! A killer release!
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